Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Hermes Victoria bag.

If you know me well you know my huge addiction towards Hermes, but my addiction went through the roof! Hermes is brand not for the people seeing you carrying or wearing their item; but its for the person who buys the item. If you really thought about it, why would i spend four thousand dollars on bag with its logo smothered all over it!? (Well duh you want people to see what your carrying) but its like product replacement! Evan worse spending thousands and get nothing for return! You are saying what does this gotta do with a Hermes bag? Well the Hermes "Victoria bag" is a simple bag, nothing special not an eye catcher; but not ugly! You see as i said before hermes items are for people who what to enjoy there item themselves not by showing-off to people. You see people will say its expensive well because its from Hermes and thats all! Well yea almost 30% of that is true but where does the 70% goes?? By the quality, its craftsmanship, its luscious leathery scent its! You now must be saying oh thats all crap but no, oh no i was like you ladies  , but just go to a Hermes store feel the bag, touch the bag, smell the bag! And love the bag.
Hermes Victoria Bag.

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